Our Specials

We believe caring for your hair is a must, not just a luxury! That’s why we created these Specials just for you…

Olaplex is simply a reset button for your hair, it helps rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of damaged hair.
(Just add it to any of our services)

Keratin Shot
Add a keratin shot to your Colour to remove Frizz, softens the hair shaft adding luminous shine and protection.
(Ideal for topping up your Keratin Express treatment)

Shine and Tone Enhancer
A temporary hint of colour for your weekend or any occasion. Ammonia free, full of protein – makes your blow dry last longer.
(Lasts up to 2 shampoos)

Magic Off
Unique Vitamin C based formula that removes permanent colour without the use of bleach.
(Ideal before a Sassoon colour service)

Express Colour

Express Colour
Recharge your hair colour in just 1 hour with our personalised express colour: • Adds lots of shine • Brightens blondes • Deepens brunettes • Recharges reds (Lasts up to 8 shampoos)

Luxury Hair Care

Sassoon Express Duo
Personalised hair treatment includes: Sassoon Illuminating restore, and intensive Restore Mask that extends the life of your colour making your hair stronger. Plus – Sassoon Illuminating Oil, contains Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, a powerful antioxidant that protects hair from mechanical damage, moisture and protein loss.
(5 min at the basin with a relaxing head massage)

Ultimate Hair Repair Package Deal
(3 x Olaplex treatments to have at your disposal & convenience + 3 x Sassoon Illuminating mask and oil treatments)
It consists of an Olaplex treatment followed by Sassoon Illuminating mask mixed with Sassoon Illuminating oil.

Frizz & Curl Control

Keratin Express
Controls frizz and tames kinks making your blow dry 70{e0c77d5282ac89b3c3d4b5397fdfde8bb3aa6c73139f489e8ec4be481e7ee67f} easier. Frizz free in damp and humid weather.
(Lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks)

Full Keratin
Full strength protein smoothing treatment, designed to reduce volume and curl up to 70{e0c77d5282ac89b3c3d4b5397fdfde8bb3aa6c73139f489e8ec4be481e7ee67f}.
(Lasts up to 12 weeks)

Premium Colour

Sassoon Chromatology
Exclusive to Sassoon Partner Salons! An iridescent and bespoke colour palette that has no limits! Perfect for your creative yet sophisticated colour.
Includes Special Colour Seal Treatment

Illumina Colour
It has become a global beauty phenomenon setting the new standard of Luminous, healthy and youthful looking hair colour adding 70{e0c77d5282ac89b3c3d4b5397fdfde8bb3aa6c73139f489e8ec4be481e7ee67f} more shine!
Includes Special Colour Save antioxidant treatment

Koleston Perfect Innosense
Revolutionary new dye Molecule ME+. For vibrant colour and full permanent performance, specially formulated to reduce the risk of developing allergy.
Includes Special Colour Save antioxidant treatment

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