Chromatology – Finally the colourist’s dream!


Chromatology is a modern, versatile line of colour exclusive only to Sassoon and Sassoon PARTNER salons (of which Abstract Hairdressing are now one). These colours can be stretched as far as the colourist’s vision allows. Sassoon colour is a sleek, modern line to create high definition results and ensures each hair has its own character and colour, as natural hair would, with incredible iridescence, shine and light reflection. It is about beautiful, natural-looking colour results, equally suitable for the more Creative person breaking all boundaries.

It also features an advanced crossover conditioning system or Intelliprotec. This system knowingly optimises hair condition throughout the colouring process and beyond, to help seal and maintain long-lasting colour radiance and integrity.

Crossover Conditioning means this intelligently protective conditioning system can be found in the; Colour Tint, Seal Colour Treatment and in the Care Range.


  1. Maintains long-lasting colour intensity and shine.
  2. Iridescent formula which delivers a highly reflective ultra-vibrant shine from within.
  3. Strengthens hair from within improving condition.
  4. Protects colour shine from external influences with the use of UV filters.

The team at Abstract are very excited about Chromatology. It isn’t just fabulous new colours, but a complete end-to-end bespoke colour, style and care experience which we know you will love!