Hani attends the Sassoon International Masters 2014

Hani was, once again, invited to this exclusive 3 day master-class with the very best in the industry.  Working one to one with the International creative team (Mark Hayes, Edward Darley, Peter Dawson to name a few) at Sassoon allowed Hani to gain access to the latest cutting and colouring techniques used in the Sassoon collection of 2014 “Prairie” (pre- launch date). This invaluable and informative 3 day session follows the new collection as well as incorporating various other innovative techniques  that can be used in a commercially viable way.

The “Prairie” collection showcases geometric outlines that are interrupted with sawtooth sectioning and barbered fades. Overlapping, tousled lengths combined with extreme over-direction creates a tough texture with a storm-swept feel. Clear design is pointed into and blown about; edges are sketched and appear undefined.hane master 2014