Abstract trend setting at Wella 2012 Trend Vision

Olivers competition entry
Olivers competition entry

Olivers competition entry

Congratulations to OLIVER ADKINS for reaching the Wella South England regional finals!

Abstract are pleased to announce that we have entered the world’s most prestigious international colour and style competition, the WELLA 2012 Trend Vision. We are proud to inform you that Oliver will be representing the salon and has already made it into the TOP 16 out of 1,000 applicants throughout the South!

WELLA 2012 Trend Vision features some of the world’s most famous names in hairdressing competing to be the best. The curtains are up for the 2012 ‘haute coiffure’ trends. These trends predict the fashions which will filter through into the high street looks you will see over the next 2 years, just in the same way catwalk fashion becomes retail fashion. Abstract are already seen as “the ultimate in modern hairdressing services”, now we’re trend setting too!