If its good enough for Kim K, It’s good enough for us!



We are so excited to announce that we are now an official Olaplex Salon! The science behind Olaplex means we can take colouring and treatments to another level. Repairing broken disulphide bonds Olaplex is like a ‘reset button’ for your hair, the treatment helps to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of damaged hair to the point where a chemical serviced would, once again, be feasible.

Olaplex launched in 2014 via word of mouth, starting with a few celebrity hairdressers. Through word of mouth the product has grown to be in 250,000 salons worldwide. One stylist in particular is known for his sensational balayage techniques, Guy Tang says ‘when I use Olaplex – I know it works because I see huge results’.

Ask your stylist today about adding Olaplex to your next service.

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