Our Master Colour Experts (Alex and Hani) attend the 2015 Master Colour Congress

January can be a quiet time for most salons but not at Abstract Hairdressing! We are busy prepping for the year ahead and starting our seasonal collections. Our two Master Colour Experts, Hani and Alex, attended this years Wella Master Colour Congress to gain an exclusive insight into this seasons colour trends and they couldn’t wait to get back to the salon to educate the rest of the team.


The two seasonal trends for 2015 are:

DISTILLED COLOUR: Layers of colour are revealed via de-pigmentation that lifts reds to rich ambers or cognacs, blacks to deep violet blues and, in their purest form, blondes to pure whites. Like the enlightened core of a cell, this sensual reduction creates a new premium purity. The personality of colour is distilled and magnified to its iconic form. Spring/Summer 2015 is about refining hair to create the ‘Premium You’. Cell-inspired beauty technology makes this enlightenment possible – living, breathing science that applies to both colour and styling. Drawing inspiration from pure and healthy skin, the look brings out the sensuality of each person’s inner beauty DNA.

and MARBLED COLOURS: Nature harnessed or eroded – this season’s colour is inspired by the mineral layers of the earth’s rock. Marbled, earthy tones and spice colours reflect the landscape and translucent light of the North. The colours of erosion reveal a topography in hair. Autumn/Winter 2015 is inspired by the elements and their influence on hair. As the icecaps melt, a new Northern Sea route gives way to unchartered territories. New opportunities call to the daring and the brave. In the process a new aesthetic is being created, wild and strong; a new kind of beauty with the raw spirit of the untouched. An untamed landscape waiting to be shaped

Hani and Alex with Toby from The Wella Academytrend vision website size