3 days for the whole team at the Sassoon Academy

“It’s not often we get an entire team at the Academy for three days” was the opening line from Silvia Salerno (Sassoon Academy Director/Educator) as she greeted the all of the Abstract Hairdressing team. After being ushered through the brand new Academy (at Buckingham Gate) the team were sat down in one of the Sassoon theatres to listen to Silvia Salerno and James Greaves educate and remind us of the Sassoon fundamental basics: line, graduation, layers and shape.

After a very interested and engaging lecture we were given a fantastic demo from James and Silvia which put into practise everything that we had just learned about.

Then, after breaking for lunch, the team had their first workshop- this is where the Sassoon Academy provide models of all ages and hair textures to give their students a true representation of working on everyday hair. The purpose of this workshop was to implement all that the team had been taught in the morning. We were split into two sides of the studio and Silvia taught one side and James the other. As we are a salon of both cutting and colour experts we also had Karla give us various colour techniques. This is a fantastic way for the team to learn because it means that, as a stylist/colour technician, you get to complete a look.

Throughout the 3 inspirational days at the Academy we were also given an insight to the latest Sassoon collection “Jejeune”. The talk was delivered by Caroline Cox (Fashion. historian and Sassoon Fashion consultant) and Mark Hayes (Sassoon international Creative Director). We spoke about the latest fashion trends and how fashion repeats and some of the nostalgic looks that influenced the latest Academy collection.

What an amazing 3 days the whole team had at the Sassoon Academy, London. Everyone, from the highly experienced to the least experienced, felt the benefit of such a treat and every member of the team has brought back with them fresh and exciting ideas and techniques. It was such a lovely opportunity for the whole team to be all together doing what we all love and what we are so passionate about.