Why Abstract Hairdressing?

Our aim is to train each and every individual in order to become an expert in their field.

We don’t just shape hair, we also help you shape your future.

We believe that Education is vital and a continuous process that keeps us at the forefront of our industry. As we are not part of a chain, everyone here at ABSTRACT is individual and unique.

If you enjoy the hi-energy buzz in a prestigious salon with a roster of high end clients, then join our team.

You can choose to become a Master Colour Expert, Cutting expert, Winning awards and competitions or becoming the salon educator, the choice is yours.

33 career path
34 career path


ABSTRACT HAIRDRESSING staff will enjoy a fully funded, continuous training and benefits that includes a comprehensive salary with the opportunity for earning high commission levels and extensive retail commission.

Being part of a successful, Creative and enthusiastic team that constantly wants to learn new skills and be the leader in the market.

A chance to progress and secure a long career path, the longer you stay, the more you will learn and the better you will be established.

As a SASSOON PROFESSIONAL partner salon you will benefit from having the best training provided by Sassoon Senior Directors, in-salon and at their famous London academy.

One to One tuition by Hani our Salon Director and Master Colour Expert who has over 25 years in the industry and won several awards.

Become a WELLA MASTER COLOUR EXPERT. 1 year training at WELLA London Studios, achieving the highest accolade as a colour expert, recognised internationally.

Become a Styling Expert by joining the GHD revolution. 1 year diploma in all aspects of styling, red carpet hair, hair up expert or producing the best photographic images.

Regular training sessions in the salon lead by our Salon Directors in all aspects of hairdressing and customer care.


Are you passionate about becoming a hairdresser? At Abstract Hairdressing we don’t just teach you hairdressing but help you shape your future!

A Career in Hairdressing is an incredible opportunity to possess real practical skills with fabulous earning potential and a platform to express your creativity, what we teach you, you will keep forever and will be recognised everywhere.

During the apprenticeship you are carefully guided and nurtured starting with excellent communication skills, how to provide exceptional customer service moving on cutting and colouring services and all other aspects of hairdressing.

Throughout your training you will naturally shine in certain areas whether it is cutting or colour, we will identify that and continue to train you until you become an expert in your field.

If you have a passion for hair, the determination to succeed, excellent communication skills and endless enthusiasm, start your career here with us.

35 career path
36 career path

Career Path

Stage 1: Become the perfect assistant, from daily tasks to helping our creative team, looking after clients and reception duties.

There will be a training day each week where you will be taught all aspects of hairdressing through carefully planned stages. Once the stages are complete you will require to participate in our own assessment test making sure you meet all the standards required by Abstract Hairdressing. Time scale is different with each individual, minimum 2 years.

Stage 2: You are now a Creative Stylist, however this is a crucial time where you need support and guidance in order to build up a regular loyal client base and gain more experience still with continuous training.

Stage 3:  Approximately 2 to 3 years after you qualify, based on your performance and record of progression, you can become a Senior creative stylist having proved your ability.

Stage 4: Becoming a salon Director or an expert, again through thorough continuous training, progression, dedication, a wealth of knowledge, expertise and a proven record of your performance exceeding our standards and clients expectations. You would be also responsible for many operational duties.

Whether becoming a colour expert, Creative cutting expert, entering awards and competitions, becoming an instructor or becoming salon Manager, it’s all available here waiting for you.

You can also join us at any level, where we will assess you and put you on the path to continue your journey.

Careers at Abstract

How to Apply

Our career is both exciting and rewarding. Hairdressing gives you the opportunity to work, have fun and meet people. Develop an exceptional career, become a celebrity, but the better your training is, the brighter you future will be!
Don’t wait any longer – apply now and get your career started here!

Send your CV to:
Julie Jarcheh
Abstract Hairdressing
11 Gregories Road
Buckinghamshire HP9 1HL

Or email: recruitment@abstracthairdressing.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

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