Celebrating 15 years of success with a surprise day out for the team

Wella Studio Day - Abstract Hairdressing

As a surprise, the team were rewarded for their hard work and Hani treated the team to a day of inspiration at the Wella academy (Strand, London) and an afternoon finding inspiration from the 1960s/1970s at the exhibition “You say you want a revolution” (at the V&A museum, London). The morning started with a 15 minute presentation, by Ben, to mark 15 years of success at Abstract Hairdressing. We were then given a talk by motivational speaker (John Huscroft) who taught the team about “Neuro Linguistic Programming”. The team discovered what personality traits they had and how to accommodate other personalities through body language and linguistics. Very interesting.

We were then taken to the V&A Museum where the team were free to wander and gather inspiration through Historical Art and design. Hani kindly bought tickets for us all to go to the 60s/70s exhibition “You say you want a revolution” where we drew inspiration from the era denoting the complex of inter-related cultural and political trends around the globe, the iconic music and, of course, Vidal Sassoon who revolutionised the hair industry with geometric cuts and absolute precision.

Hani had a few awards to give out for special recognition to Creative Directors: Ruth and Ben, Apprentice: Mike and Senior Stylist: Nicole.


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