Hani and Ben at the Sassoon International Masters 2016

Hani has attended the International Masters course no less than 5 times and this year he took our Senior Stylist and Assistant manager Ben to experience the highest level of cutting and colouring at the Sassoon Academy, London. Three days of the International Creative Team; Mark Hayes, Bruce Masefield, Daniel McCourt and Edward Darley demonstrating precision cutting and colouring techniques, including a presentation of the new SS16 collection “KIDHOOD” with interactive workshops with the Sassoon Team on hand to guide the students through the techniques. This course is extremely exclusive and only the highest qualified stylists and technicians are accepted to attend the course. Hani and Ben took full advantage of being in a group of only only 8 students and really enjoyed delving into the thoughts and technical processes behind the talented International Directors of Sassoon.
Hani and Ben had a truly inspiring week and have brought back a wealth of knowledge and new techniques to teach the team.
At Abstract we provide the very best training for all of our staff because we believe that investing in us is investing in you.




mark hayes

mark bruce demo

hani cutting

hani bruce

hani bob

hani ben selfie

group grad

bruce masefield

ben doing colour


ben doing colour 2

ben daniel rag