In salon competition Spring 2014

The team get their creativity flowing with this year’s in salon competition based on Wella trend Vision 2014. This years trendsben 1 sammy 2 vini 2team 1 boast two very different looks; “Urban Native” and “Borderline Beauty”.
The Urban Native movement sees a new breed of experimental people de-cluttering, slowing down, and re-connecting with nature and city-life.
The Borderline Beauty movement explores a new perspective: what will become the beauty of the future. Venturing beyond the boundaries of age, color and shape, connecting the real and virtual, future and past, it creates an unexpected, almost alien aesthetic. 3rd place went to Sammy (our head apprentice), 2nd place went to Lavinia (stylist) and 1st place went to Ben (Senior stylist/Assistant manager)