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OLAPLEX® – The only treatment that repairs your hair permanently!

OLAPLEX is a permanent treatment that will make your hair stronger, healthier and your colour last longer. It will relink the bonds that are often broken by the 3 main elements that occur regularly to your hair and they are

  • Heat damage (straighteners, hairdryers, heated rollers)
  • Mechanical damage (washing, brushing, tying hair up, elastic bands, sharp clips)
  • Chemical services (especially home colours)

OLAPLEX will allow you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair, for all hair types. It works on the inside of your hair relinking the disulphide bonds that STOPS your hair from breaking.

You will still need to use your conditioner as usual and have regular moisturising treatments to keep your hair hydrated.

OLAPLEX – A professional salon treatment

OLAPLEX is a professional salon treatment, not a temporary cosmetic conditioning treatment. It is PERMANENT, until your hair is compromised again.

It will allow you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair, for all hair types, coloured or not, from normal to extremely damaged.

Olaplex Reduces Hair Breakage

Your Questions Answered

QWhy is it good for my hair?

OLAPLEX is free from certain ingredients which can damage your hair:

  • Silicone (commonly used in conditioners, styling products, helps smoothing hair)
  • Sulphate (harsh common detergent used in most shampoos and cleaning products)
  • Phthalates (substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability and longevity)
  • DEA (added to confer a creamy texture and foaming action)
  • Aldehyde (is famously used in ingredients, flavours and perfumes)
  • Gluten (a mixture of proteins found in wheat and related grains)

OLAPLEX is never tested on animals

QHow often should I have it?

We recommend that you have OLAPLEX treatment every time you have a colour service, up to 4 times per month in cases of extremely damaged hair.

We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments to feel a considerable difference. It will stop your colour fading even when you have been in the sun.

QHow is it applied?

It is applied with your colour service (add 30 minutes to your regular service)

There are 3 Steps:


This is a concentrated liquid form added to your colour mixture keeping your hair intact while colouring. Your colour develops as usual and is then rinsed, not shampooed.


This is applied on remaining hair on top of No.1. It uses the same active ingredient found in the No.1 Bond Multiplier, however this has been developed as a cream form for ease of application. It is used to link remaining disulphide bonds. Left on for a minimum 20 minutes (ideally 30 minutes), then the hair is shampooed and finished with a personalised moisturising antioxidant treatment to lock your colour in.


This is the one you take home and contains the same active ingredients as No.1 and No.2. It will help prolonging the life of your treatment until it is damaged again.

Simply apply to damp hair (not washed), leave on a for a minimum of 10 minutes. The longer – the more effective and it can be used frequently. Then simply shampoo and condition as usual.

No.3 Hair Perfector £32

QI don’t have colour on my hair, can I still have it?

Yes you can. It is a great treatment to have even without colour, a great way to sustain the structure of your hair leaving it feeling healthy and manageable.

QI have Keratin treatment (also known as the Brazilian blow-dry) on my hair, would it be OK to have it?

OLAPLEX system works great with Keratin treatments. Hair and nails are made from the protein Keratin, so we know that Keratin itself is great for the hair, but there has to be heat applied with the use of straighteners in order to smooth and seal the hair shafts. This can be damaging so we recommend you have OLAPLEX just before your Keratin treatment.

QWhat does it cost and what’s included?

Abstract Hairdressing has created the Ultimate Hair Repair Package Deal saving you £100 on our usual price! Our tailor-made treatment package has been specially designed by HANI and RUTH, Creative Directors and Master Colour Experts, with over 40 years of experience between them. It is designed individually to each client’s needs. You can have it with your colour service or just before your haircut or blow-dry.

Consisting of an OLAPLEX treatment followed by an intense moisturising mask mixed with a light antioxidant oil, chosen specifically to suit your hair type.

This results in stronger, healthier, moisturised hair which locks in your colour tones making colour last up to 70% longer. Your hair will feel AMAZING!

Original cost of 3 x OLAPLEX plus 3 x mask and oil treatments is £195 – reduced to just £99 when purchasing our Package Deal.

OLAPLEX Single Application £53

OLAPLEX Trio £99 (save £100)

3 x intense treatments to have at your disposal and convenience including 3 x OLAPLEX treatments.

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