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We are a Free Roam Salon!

We want you to be comfortable, happy and free to choose between stylists at any time.


Style Me

Creative StylistsSenior StylistsCreative DirectorsSalon Director
Gents Cutting45.0055.0062.0067.00
Ladies Cutting55.0068.0080.0090.00
Regulars Blow-Dry (Min. 3 x p/m)33.0033.0036.0036.00
Wow Hair (Curls/waves)40.0045.0051.0053.00
Hair Up45.0057.0068.0071.00
Wedding HairPrice on ConsultationPrice on ConsultationPrice on ConsultationPrice on Consultation
Boys Cutting (Up to 14 years)*33.00
Girls Cutting (Up to 14 years)*40.00

*Kids Club – Mon to Fri with Creative Stylists only

Colour Me

Creative StylistsSenior StylistsCreative DirectorsSalon Director
Gents Colourfrom 30.00from 32.00from 36.00from 38.00
Semi Permanent (regrowth/full)50.00 / 60.0054.00 / 64.0056.00 / 66.0058.00 / 68.00
Tint (regrowth/full)55.00 / 65.0059.00 / 69.0063.00 / 73.0068.00 / 78.00
Tint T-section (Covering top parting & front hairline)32.0032.0032.0032.00
Seasonal Collection (Latest trends)88.00from 96.00from 106.00from 110.00
Balayage & Tone111.00121.00131.00141.00
T-Section Foils (Generous amount, covers top parting and temple area)67.0078.0081.0085.00
Half Head Foils87.0098.00101.00105.00
3/4 Head Foils101.00110.00118.00121.00
Full Head Foils119.00138.00148.00153.00
Bleach & Tone Regrowth (under 8 weeks)111.00131.00151.00171.00
Bleach & Tone Virgin Hair141.00171.00201.00241.00
Toner (short/medium)26.0026.0026.0026.00
Toner (long/thick)40.0040.0040.0040.00

Additional £31 for tint/semi in between glossing across all levels.

Colour DJ – Couture Colour Mask (by WELLA)

Personalised Couture Colour Mask (In-salon treatment)
Enables you to choose your fragrance, moisture level and your own colour formula.
• It will enhance and keep your colour tones fresh until your next visit to the salon.
• Create immense shine to your hair.
• Keeps your hair soft and light at the same time.
Created only by your stylist (Left on washed hair for 20 min, last up to 6 washes)
short / medium
long / thick
Personalised Couture Colour Mask (Take away Home Mask) 52.00
200ml pot

Our Specials

The only treatment that repairs your hair permanently!
Olaplex will make your hair stronger, healthier, your colour last longer, and protects your hair from the 3 main elements:
1. Heat damage (straighteners, hairdryers, heated rollers)
2. Mechanical damage (washing, brushing, tying hair up, elastic bands, sharp clips)
3. Chemical services (especially home colours).

Olaplex Trio
£33 when you purchase 3.
Glow – Dry
Adds shine, a hint of colour and makes your blow-dry lasts twice as long. (Lasts up to 2 washes)
Magic Off Colour Remover
Unique Vitamin C based formula that removes permanent colour without the use of bleach. (Ideal before a Sassoon colour service)
long hair

Express Colour

Express Colour
Recharge your hair colour in just 1 hour with our personalised express colour: • Adds lots of shine • Brightens blondes • Deepens brunettes • Recharges reds (Lasts up to 8 shampoos)

Frizz & Curl Control

Keratin Shot Add a keratin shot to your Colour to remove Frizz, softens the hair shaft adding luminous shine and protection. (Ideal for topping up your Keratin Express treatment) 17.00
Keratin Express Controls frizz and tames kinks making your blow dry 70% easier. Frizz free in damp and humid weather. (Lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks) 104.00
Full Keratin Full strength protein smoothing treatment, designed to reduce Express Colour volume and curl up to 70%. (Lasts up to 12 weeks) 177.00 to

Premium Colour

Sassoon Chromatology
Exclusive to Sassoon Partner Salons! An iridescent and bespoke colour palette that has no limits! Perfect for your creative yet sophisticated colour. Includes Special Colour Seal Treatment
19.00 additional
Illumina Colour
It has become a global beauty phenomenon setting the new standard of Luminous, healthy and youthful looking hair colour adding 70% more shine! Includes Special Colour Save antioxidant treatment
19.00 additional
Find out more about planning your colour and the process by visiting our Colour Planner

Complimentary Drinks

Breakfast Tea
Earl Grey
Selection of Herbal Teas
Hot Chocolate
Soft Drinks
Orange Squash
Blackcurrant Squash

All Alcoholic Drinks £4.90*

Complimentary nuts with drinks

* Except Champagne
White Wine
Pinot Grigio 12%
(175ml glass)
Red Wine
Campo Vieja Rioja 13.5%
(175ml glass)
J.P Chenet
Cinsault-Grenache 12.5%
(175ml glass)
Peroni Italian Beer 4.1%
(33cl bottle)
Gin & Tonic
Vodka & Tonic
Sparkling Water
Lanson Brut (Quarter bottle)