The Big Chop!

After her Dad passed away from a short battle with cancer a few years ago, Roz (a very dear friend of our Senior Stylist Oliver)  has always found Christmas to be a difficult time of year, so this year she decided to do something a bit different, so whatever else but to chop off 10 inches of her beautiful hair!

Her mission, to raise enough money to provide 10 homeless and vunerable people with a safe and warm place to stay over the Christmas period with help from the Crisis Charity. She would also donate 10 inches of her hair to The Little Princess Trust (a charity that provides wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments).

On Tuesday 17th November at 6pm, Roz arrived at the salon (armed with a HUGE box of biscuits and chocolates which always goes down well at Abstract!) and Oliver was ready and waiting with his scissors!IMG_9880


The hair was plated and measured ready to be sent off to The Little Princess Trust.

A few hours later….


The Beautiful finished look!

Roz raised a total of £1,259.86!!!

Originally starting with a £222.90 target she has raised enough money for 57 homeless and vulnerable people to stay in a safe, warm environment over the Christmas period as well as help, advice, food and clothing. She will also be volunteering 24 hours to the local Crisis centre

It’s such a beautiful thing to do and we are so happy we could help.