The final 6!

We are so excited to announce that Hani and Ben have reached the final 6 in the Sassoon “image of the year” national competition.

Searching for a single image that encapsulates creative excellence in hair, Sassoon launched a competition to find the image of the year.

Reflecting on the Sassoon philosophy the image must show shape & balance, precision technique, suitability and aim to inspire both clients and stylists.

The prize will be an experience that money simply cannot buy, a chance to shadow Mark Hayes – international creative director of Sassoon, on the next Sassoon Professional photo shoot.

The Sassoon judging team said that “the competition attracted some outstanding talent and truly exceptional creativity.”

We are very proud to be a partner Sassoon Salon and receiving a personal letter from Mark Hayes about the photos was an honour.

The overall winner will be announced September 1st 2015.

Good luck to Ben and Hani!!!

Emily @ Abstract

ben and hani sassoon